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Please read before ordering

Please Read Before Ordering


In order to protect the interests of consumers, Basic Natural's clothing from fabric selection to mass production, have insisted on the persistence of high-quality, carefully to select each item before shipping to consumers. When you’re placing your orders, please read the measurement table to determine the size and color needed, which can reduce unnecessary waste of resources. We sincerely are asking for your cooperation with the following points:

  • Postage rates based upon weights and destination of parcel. If the amount of order didn’t reach free shipping condition, members will be responsible to pay for the postage fee. (Refer to Shipping & Handling details)
  • Minor loose thread or thread end not trim, size variance between 1~2cm is considered as acceptance range of an International Inspection Standard, not defective goods. If you are expecting for an ultimate perfection of goods, please do not purchase the items.
  • Our return goods policy is [Only Return No Exchange] method applied. Thus, please re-order your item(s) again, in order to speed up the correct receipt of goods, and time saving from sending the goods back and forward.
  • If you wish to return the goods, please return within 7 days of receipt on a full refund with credit voucher method. All return goods must be maintained in original condition/new, unwashed and complete packaging status (including the products, packaging, accessories, and Purchase Oder statement or receipt), otherwise return goods will not be accepted. (Refer to Return Policy in details)
  • If we discovered high frequency of return goods due to personal issues or with any intention purposes, Basic Natural has the right to cancel the purchase order.
  • If you have any inquiry or question, please kindly contact our customer service, we will process as soon as possible.